Soup or season’s green, main course, dessert and coffee


Soup of the day9

Season’s green (mesclun salad, cucumbers, peppers, red onions and a sweet chili sauce)9

Onion soup with red wine (herb of thyme and its gratin)12

Caesar, Feliciano style (romaine, parmesan, bacon, homemade croutons and Caesar sauce)16

Salad of marinated beets and warm breaded goat cheese (arugula, green beans, radish and balsamic vinaigrette)15

Gratinated grey snails sauteed with a hint of garlic flower, served with exotic chip16

Butterfly shrimps (bed of salad, garlic butter and lemon)15

Calamari fritti (fried calamari, chipotle mayo, parsley and lemon)16

Grilled octopus (mashed corn, edamame salsa, marinated octopus and popped corn)20

Mussels Marinara (marinara sauce, parsley and lemon)16

Asian salmon tartare (Hoisin mayo, mangoes, cucumbers, gray shallots and potato chip)18

Filet mignon croquettes (mayonnaise aioli with truffle and filet mignon marinated in maple syrup)18

Chicken cutlet (creamy mushroom sauce and Linguine aglio and olio)28

Pan-fried veal kidneys (demi-glace sauce served with fries and vegetables)28

BBQ Cornish hen (homemade BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes and garlic sautéed beans)29

Maple-braised pork Osso Bucco (forest sauce, linguine in tomato sauce and garden vegetables)30

Grilled and marinated flank steak (demi-glace sauce, fries and garden vegetables)40

Veal chop (Brussels sprouts, pearl onions, bacon and mashed potatoes)43

Feliciano-style marinated filet mignon (demi-glace sauce, fries and garden vegetables)Prix du Marché

Half rack of roast lamb (pan-fried mushrooms, onions and basket of fries)Prix du Marché

Our famous Tomahawk (for two), friesatwillPrix du Marché

Pasta carbonara (creamy sauce with pepper, bacon bits and green onions)24

Pasta alla gigi (rosé sauce, mixed mushrooms, onions and prosciutto)24

Pasta pesto (chicken, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and walnuts)29

Pasta pescatore (mixed seafood, lobster bisque, mussels and green onions)39

Eggplant lasagna (tomato sauce, basil, eggplant and parmesan)27

Fish and chips with beer (cod, fries and tartar sauce)29

Salmon tartare (mayonnaise, hoisin, mangoes, cucumbers, green salad and basket of fries)36

Cod steak (green beans, potatoes, radish and creamy spinach sauce)29

Scallops and prawns flambéed with Sambuca (vegetables of the day, rice with tomatoes and white butter sauce with prawns)40

Sauteed mushrooms4

French fries basket4

Giant shrimps(3)12

Demi-glace sauce1

Cheese plate (for two)21


Tea, herbal tea3

Soft drinks, juices3


Cappuccino, Latte coffee6

Mineral water (330ml)3

Mineral water (750ml)5

Still water (330ml)3

Still water (750ml)5

Apple crisp and salted caramel9

Creme Brulee (Chef inspiration)9

Explosion of fruits on a vanilla sponge cake9

Lemon meringue tart9

Profiterole triologie9

Cheese cake and salfed caramel9

Double black chocolate cake9

Sugar grilled pecan pie9