* Soup of the moment or seasonal greens

* Pasta alla gigi, rosé sauce, mushrooms, onions, prosciutto

* Pasta alla carbonara, creamy egg sauce, bacon bits, green onions

* Lasagna of eggplant parmesan grana padano and fresh basil, tomato sauce

* Chicken cutlets with mushrooms with aglio and olio linguini

* Milk-fed veal kidneys, deglazed with brandy, dijonnaise sauce, served with fries and vegetables

* Braised pork osso buco, maple syrup, forest sauce, linguini with tomato sauce and vegetables

* Fish and chips with beer, tartar sauce

* Apple crisp and salted caramel

* Creme brulee

* Lemon meringue pie

* Salted Caramel Cheesecake

* Sugar pie and toasted pecans